Finding New Customers Where They Don’t Belong

Have you been on a fishing trip lately? No? Maybe it’s time to book that trip! You might just find a new customer where they don’t belong.

Last Snapper season I was fishing with my family and a few friends off the coast of Grayton Beach, Florida. The GPS was loaded with all the great spots to catch Snapper.

The thing is, we didn’t catch much of anything in those spots. So, we tried something different. We moved to a spot that was great for catching Grouper. Within a few minutes, we were tearing the Snapper up. We quickly caught our limit and headed back in.

The Snapper were not where they were supposed to be (according to us). But that’s where they were.

We do this in business all the time. We go to a local business meet-up to meet other people who are wanting to get their business noticed as well. There is value in these meet-ups, but what if you like kayaking?

Why not go to a meet-up that is all about kayaking? You see, those people are not there to talk about business. They are there to enjoy something they love. And, it just so happens that you meet the owner of a small chain of outdoor stores that has locations in 4 different cities. And…she has an out of date website that she has been thinking of updating. And, she just happened to meet you, a web designer. Boom.

New customer.

Moving to a new spot to “fish” is a fantastic way to network and make new business contacts. Plus, you might just make an awesome friend while you’re at it, which is really what it’s all about.


Stop working weekends or your life will stink

“In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.” ― Leo Tolstoy

All of the “work your butt off” gurus out there right now talk about the hustle. They talk about how you should be working 18 hour days 6-7 days a week. It’s time to stop listening to this nonsense.

Working your whole life away is an awful plan. I wonder how many people who work constantly think about the fact that they will actually be dead one day. It’s guaranteed. You, me, all of us. And I bet you could ask any person who is older than 75 about time flying by…it probably went by really fast.

So back to the weekends. I used to work on weekends…every weekend. Now if I work on a Saturday or Sunday, it’s for something that won’t make me any money, like working for free for an organization. There are certain times you have to work a weekend, I get it. But for the most part, you really don’t. (Posting something to a business page on Facebook is not really working…let’s be honest.)

I stopped when someone recently told me, “Dude, stop working weekends and spend the time with your family”. It was a pretty simple statement. I decided to take his advice.

Now when the new week begins, guess what? I don’t have a “case of the Mondays”.


If you’re the person that needs to see a real study, CLICK HERE.

I can almost promise that if you unplug from your work duties on the weekend, you will feel better mentally and do better work during the workweek.

So unless you’re a preacher or a restaurant worker, take some time for you.

Let me know…do you work weekends, and if so, what are your thoughts on stopping?


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Your Business Is A Big Load Of SPAM (According To Facebook)

That’s what Facebook would have us believe.

Facebook has “allowed” businesses to build their follower base with advertising for quite some time now. People willingly supported the businesses they loved, but now, your business post is considered SPAM. Why? Because of their fantastic algorithms that allow them to open up your feed to more (new) advertising.

It would be like charging someone for radio time, but then saying, “You know what, even though you’ve paid us thousands of dollars to air your commercial, to actually have your commercial aired now, we’re going to charge you again, or we will simply put someone else in your place.” That would never fly.

That is exactly what Facebook has done to businesses. Businesses paid thousands of dollars to reach people and build their communities. Now, you’re lucky if 10% of your community sees your post (very lucky).

They now want you to pay them AGAIN to promote your post, which can cost hundreds of dollars to reach all of your followers. That’s for one single post. So, for those who have willingly liked a business page to see the post that they requested to see, you have to pay. In other words, your business is SPAM. But you know what’s not spam? See below…not spam.


Why at this point would I recommend to anyone I work for to spend money to reach people on Facebook? It would be insane to do so, right? Facebook is extorting money from businesses right now. There is no other word that defines what they are doing…other than extortion.

Again, ask yourself this question: Does it make sense in the normal business world that we live in to charge someone for something, and then decide later that what you’ve sold them has to be paid for again…and again…and again?

Think about it…you dirty local small business spammer. Pay up suckers.


Vine…why you will love this app

What App am I currently loving right now?


It’s like Instagram…with motion. I actually find myself waiting for Instagram photos to start moving now.

Vine records 6 seconds of video and loops it over and over. I’ve seen some crazy creative Vine’s, but for me, it’s a way to bring what would normally be a photo to life.

Vine is gaining popularity and its quickly becoming one of the most popular apps in the App Store.

Give it a try by Clicking Here

Jason Watson Interview with WSFA about Summer Activities and Montgomery Parents Magazine


Watch Video Here


A Day in the Life of a Magazine Ad Sales Rep

I’ve been asked several times over the past few weeks, “What’s it like selling ads for a magazine?” My answer always starts with “I love it!”

I work for Jason Watson, Publisher and Owner of Keep Sharing. Keep Sharing publishes magazines all across the state of Alabama.

Jason is a hustler if there has ever been one. He’s not the guy that brands himself like some of us…you know, making how to videos, spamming the internet with his face, and trying to get a hundred thousand followers on Twitter. He’s a grab the shovel and start digging kind of guy.

I like to use the web in any way I can to give me an advantage. It’s my area. It’s what I know. We all get to the finish line in different ways. I do spam the internet with my face.

You may not even know who he is, but if you live in Montgomery, Auburn, Mobile, etc, you’ve seen his publications all over your city. Or you may have seen him recently in this article in The Montgomery Advertiser.

OK, so we’re on with the day… Read more…

Our Lil Miss – Reveal Party

We revealed to our family and friends that we are having a baby girl!

Lil Miss from Joe Bass on Vimeo.

A “Quick Flip” through this month’s Montgomery Parents Magazine


Does Advertising Boost Your Ego?

So you’re driving down the road and you hear your business’s commercial on the radio. It makes you feel good. Really good. You know all of your buddies are hearing your ad and saying…hey, she’s made it. I’m not calling you out. I’ve done it myself.

But is it effective?

Radio can be effective for some businesses, particularly businesses with a large advertising budget . However, I find most times a small business doesn’t have the advertising budget to actually make an impact. You have to build a campaign over a long period of time. It’s all about brand awareness.

It’s pretty much the same for TV. You’re shouting out a targeted message at a broad un-targeted audience. Unless it’s food, or clothes, or something that EVERYONE needs, you could be wasting your money. TV advertising can work…but once again, you need a large budget to make an impact.

If you’re able to generate the interest with a great TV or Radio campaign, make sure you’re ready to be found. That means your business information needs to be accurate on Google, Yelp, Foursquare, and of course your website. Why? Because there is a very good chance that when they see your commercial while they’re watching their favorite show…you’re probably closed. They will turn to the internet to find out more. Build interest in your business…don’t just look for immediate leads.

What about billboards? Gary Vaynerchuk put it best when he said “people aren’t looking at billboards when they’re driving, in fact, they’re not even looking at the road.” He’s right. People are texting, or putting on lipstick, or eating a sausage egg and cheese croissant. What’s the rare success in billboards? I’d say the digital billboards facing a busy four way intersection. That’s about it.

We have to learn to put our ego aside and put our money into what works.

What works is exposing your business to a targeted community. If you sell arrows, doesn’t it make sense to advertise on a hunting website? If you sell childrens clothes, run a day care, teach swimming lessons, or manage a pediatrics office, should you not be advertising in a family magazine? And if you’re an app developer, shouldn’t you be advertising with Facebook on mobile devices?

Be smart with your advertising dollars. They can boost your sales, or they can boost your ego.

It’s Your Choice.

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What The Bluebird Taught Me About Perseverance

Last year, Lindsay and I were sitting outside and noticed something at the top of one of our columns. A little bluebird head was sticking up watching us. It was a momma bluebird sitting on 6 blue eggs.

I had become an accidental bluebird lover. I never really had any interest in them at all before.

We got really excited. This was happening right in our backyard. We would get to watch the babies hatch, grow up, and hopefully enjoy growing into adult bluebirds.

The baby birds did in fact hatch. All but one. There were five tiny, naked, sideways mohawk creatures in the nest. You know the saying, “So ugly they’re cute”?

A few days later, I went to check on them, and they were gone. I won’t go into details, but it was apparent that a house sparrow had killed them all. I was dreading telling Lindsay. She loved those little birds. She cried when I broke the news.

It’s was then that I decided we would try again the next year. But first, I had to take care of some business. Seeing few to no house sparrows in the area was my goal.

I waged war against the house sparrow. It sounds immature I know. You would have laughed at the sight of my “sparrow blind” I set up. Read more…